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Код товара 10373
ISBN: 9780007230013
Автор: Philippa Gregory
Издательство: Harpen
Переплёт: Hardcover
Вес, гр:  300
Наличие товара:  есть в наличии
12,30 AZN
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'If it was the way of the world that girls left home‚ then the world would have to change. I would never change.'

Wideacre Hall‚ set in the heart of the English countryside‚ is the ancestral home that Beatrice Lacey loves. But as a woman of the eighteenth century she has no right of inheritance. Corrupted by a world that mistreats women‚ she sets out to corrupt others. Sexual and wilful‚ she believes that the only way to achieve control over Wideacre is through a series of horrible crimes‚ and no-one escapes the consequences of her need to possess the land.

Sweeping‚ passionate‚ unique: Wideacre is the novel which brought Philippa Gregory to bestselling fame and is the first of the trilogy which continued with The Favoured Child and concluded with Meridon.

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