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"Ali&Nino" Book Stores

"Ali and Nino" - is an actively developing Azerbaijani bookselling chain, founded in 2005.

In shops "Ali and Nino" We offer more than 40 thousand names of classical, modern Azerbaijani, Turkish, Russian and foreign literature, children's books, textbooks and professional publications, art books, books in foreign languages. We have a large selection of books on housekeeping and entertainment, travel guides, stationery, puzzles, educational games, bookmarks, and other related products. "Ali and Nino" has been cooperating with the 50 largest Azerbaijani, Turkish, Russian and foreign publishers for continuous replenishment of the assortment.

The shops and Bookcafe Ali & Nino held literary evenings, concerts, meetings with famous people. If you want to make a presentation or a small seminar, please contact us.

Phone: (+99412) 493-04-12
E-mail: info@alinino.a

     Tagiyev str. 19 
   Phone. 493-04-12

     Park Boulevard 1floor                               
  Phone: 598-71-56

    Crossing the street. Fizuli and Azadliq Prospect                              
28MALL, 4 floor                             
 Phone. 499 87 19

    Metropark, 3 floor                               
  Tabriz str. 44, Narimaniv mentro station                   
   Phone: 514-06-65

   Department of "Ali and Nino" in the "GRAFIKA"
Huseyn Javid avenu,  20                 
   Phone: ( 99412 ) 539 12 11

   Department of "Ali and Nino" in the "GRAFIKA"
                Azerbaijan str.  5                  
   Phone: (99412) 497 87 74

   Department of "Ali and Nino" in the "GRAFIKA" 
      Azadliq avenu, 84/86
   Phone: (99412) 440 82 12

   Department of "Ali and Nino" in the "GRAFIKA"
    Megafun ,1 floor
   Phone: (99412) 488 67 36

   Department of "Ali and Nino" in the "GRAFIKA" 
    Hazi Aslanov Metro Station  
   M. Xadi str. 29/45

   Phone: (994012)  372 56 84


   "Ali&Nino" -5
     Koroglu metro station  

ichsh_ok.jpg"Ali&Nino" -6
"Icheri Sheher" metro station  
yasamal_ok.jpg"Ali&Nino" -7
                    Sharifzade str. 273а
Phone: (99412) 433 86 24